The Impact Playbook: Motivating employees in a fast-changing world

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Helping employees connect their work to organizational goals isn’t a nice-to-have—it is essential for building a resilient company. In a fast-changing world, employees don’t want to see their jobs purely as a means to a paycheck (although the paycheck is important). They want to see the impact of their work. According to a report by McKinsey, 70% of employees surveyed said that their sense of purpose is defined by their work.

This is a tremendous opportunity for organizations. Employees want to bring enthusiasm and passion to their jobs. A leader’s task is to harness this, and connect it to the company’s mission, creating a shared sense of purpose that drives business objectives.

Download the Impact Playbook to learn:

  • Why organizations need to help employees see the impact of their work
  • How to foster big picture thinking in a team environment
  • How to help employees do more focused work that contributes to objectives
  • How to improve belonging and ramp-up during hiring and onboarding
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