Anatomy of Work Special Report: What Gen Z needs from leaders right now

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As more members of Gen Z enter the working world, are organizations prepared to set them up for success? And what can leaders learn from this new cohort that can improve work for everyone?

Gen Z have strong feelings regarding hybrid work—37% of Gen Z said if companies encouraged employees to work from home several days a week, their concentration would improve—mental health, and the very definition of success. However, these sentiments aren’t unique to Gen Z—they share many overlaps with Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers.

Listening to Gen Z and exploring their needs could benefit everyone. Download this Anatomy of Work Special Report to read Asana’s original research on Gen Z and to gain new insights on:

  • How the pandemic and upheaval of the professional working world affected Gen Z employees.
  • How other generations compare to Gen Z—not only in how they differ, but where they are united.
  • What organizations can do to ensure they can attract and retain these new professionals to ensure long-term success for their employees—and their business.
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