The UK Anatomy of Work Index 2021:

Overcoming disruption in a distributed world

The way we work has changed. With the evolution of the physical office environment, we now face new collaboration challenges. Despite organisations’ best efforts to recreate what worked in the office in a remote setting, “work about work” and burnout continue to rise.

To understand how the workplace has changed, what’s working and what’s not, and to shine a light on better approaches, we analysed the behaviours and attitudes of over 2000 knowledge workers in the UK and more than 13,000 knowledge workers worldwide. 

What will it take for organisations, teams, and individuals to thrive in the year ahead? The Anatomy of Work Index 2021 explores how individuals, teams, and entire organisations can bring clarity to the chaos of work, reset for resilience, and flourish as they move forward.

Download the full report to learn:

  • Why UK knowledge workers spend 61% of their day on work about work, rather than skilled work or forward-looking strategy

  • How remote and distributed work has impacted productivity, and what organisations can do to reset

  • How organisations can eliminate the root causes of burnout, which 75% of UK workers experienced last year—above the global average of 71%