On-Demand Webinar:

Future of Work: the ROI of Digital Workspaces

For the past 18 months, business leaders have been laser focused on building resilient organizations in the midst of change. As many teams are returning to the office or navigating hybrid work, where should leaders continue to focus—especially when it comes to building collaborative digital environments?

In a world where asynchronous work is imperative for business success, it is important for leaders to balance both the right technology and processes to support a collaborative digital culture.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Asana’s Head of Strategic Accounts, David Jackson and guest speaker Wayne Kurtzman, Research Director, Social and Collaboration at IDC, to learn how business leaders can achieve strong ROI from technology investments by focusing on:

  • Cultivating a mindset of cultural innovation
  • Creating a robust technological ecosystem to boost productivity
  • Establishing a strong partnership between business and IT to reinvent employee and customer experience