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How Asana uses Asana to run successful Marketing campaigns

May 26, 2021 at

3:00pm BST / 04:00pm CET

How do I tap into the full power of my team? That’s one question we know marketing leaders ponder often. 

A fully-mobilised marketing team runs successful campaigns, coordinates well with stakeholders and has the freedom to explore new ideas. 

It’s hard to do this when getting in sync, managing timelines, and wrangling data take so much time. 

That’s where Asana can help. 

Join our webinar to learn how Asana’s marketing team plans and executes impactful global campaigns. You’ll hear from Jessica Gilmartin, Global Head of Revenue Marketing, and Amulya Uppala, Strategic Projects Lead, as they talk about:

  • How we use Asana to run successful marketing campaigns from idea to launch

  • Tips for kicking off impactful marketing campaigns in Asana

  • Exact strategies for maximising campaign speed and effectiveness  

If you can’t tune in live, register today and you’ll receive a copy of the recording after the webinar.