Watch the 15-minute webinar:

How Asana is building a navigation system for the future workplace

Recently, organisations have had to be flexible in the face of the pandemic. To quickly transition to remote work, companies invested in tools like chat, content, scheduling, and more. However, this has led to a new problem—bloated tech stacks have overloaded teams, depleting their focus.

In this bite-size webinar, Computer Weekly’s editor in chief, Bryan Glick, and Asana’s Chief Product Officer, Alex Hood, dive into the value of organisational clarity, simplicity in one’s tech stack and Asana’s vision for the future of work. 

Watch the 15-minute webinar to learn:

  • Why digital transformation over the last year hasn’t always led to better ways of working
  • What business leaders need to know about work management tools and their underlying technology
  • How legacy tools like email hold organisations back, and what can be done to create a better future of work