Anatomy of Work 2022: Embracing the new age of agility

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Agility is essential for business—being able to pivot quickly can mean the difference between staying on course and losing momentum.

Join Rebecca Hinds, Head of Asana Labs, and Joshua Zerkel, productivity expert and Head of Global Engagement Marketing to learn how leaders can address the challenges facing businesses today, and build agility in the process. They'll deep dive into the findings from Asana’s third annual Anatomy of Work Global Index, unearth the trends that are shaping the future of work, and share their advice on how individuals, teams, and whole organizations can adapt. Together, they’ll cover:

  • Why agility and adaptability are key in today’s macroeconomic context
  • Their expert analysis of the Anatomy of Work Global Index findings, like whether or not people prefer remote work and the true cost of notifications
  • Asana’s experience like holding a meetings audit, which saved people an average of 3.5 weeks a year
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