Aligned Autonomy: Empowering Teams with Effective Collaboration

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Today, organizations struggle to align technical and non-technical teams to one truth, and individual collaborators struggle with autonomy.

55% of workers at collaborative organizations reported revenue growth over the past three years—almost double that of weak collaborators. And that's just the beginning of the benefits of effective collaboration.

Leaders must be able to identify collaboration bottlenecks and be empowered to overcome blockers. The speed with which leaders solve cross-functional collaboration problems helps determine their company’s future. Getting it right will drive revenue growth, staff productivity, confidence, and motivation. But there are hurdles to overcome. 

Take a (virtual) seat with Asana leaders as they discuss the power of cross-functional collaboration in this new era of work. 

You’ll come away with: 
  • Expert advice on unlocking cross-functional collaboration to drive higher productivity and a better employee experience
  • Actionable tips to help eliminate digital friction and set goals that drive better business outcomes
  • Learnings from business leaders already using smart collaboration to transform ineffective processes and delayed decision-making cycles
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